Background Split Alignment 9 exercises

Wrap Up the Project

Now that our columns are working perfectly, let's start wrapping things up by doing a bit of cleanup.


The first thing you need to do is combine the first two and last two columns together using the col-span-2 class.

The background colors should be cyan-600 for the first group, an

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0:00 All right. Now that we've got our columns working perfectly, let's wrap up this tutorial with some cleanup.

0:05 The first thing you need to do is combine the columns one and two together, and three and four together, using the col-span-2 class.

0:12 If I scroll down, you can see right here, we're using four elements, and we want to only use two of them. The combined first two columns can have the cyan-600 color, and then the other two can have cyan-500.

0:24 The next point is optional, and sort of an opinion, but if you're disgusted by this crazy class name here, you can abstract it away, either in your Tailwind config file or as a CSS class, in the CSS file.