Ride the Tailwind CSS wave like a pro.

Level-up on advanced Tailwind concepts and patterns. Power-up with multi-theme, multi-style and multi-project UI components.

Simon Vrachliotis
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Simon Vrachliotis

Hey! 👋

You’ve been using Tailwind CSS for a while, and you don't need convincing — you are already sold on the paradigm shift of using presentational classnames in your HTML.

You’re already productive with Tailwind, but you want to take your skills to the next level.

As you paddle deeper into the Tailwind ocean, you can't help but wonder:

  • How do I organise styles for reusable UI components with multiple style variants?
  • What’s the best way to support advanced theming in Tailwind, beyond dark mode?
  • How can I share my Tailwind components across multiple, independent projects seamlessly?

Pro Tailwind answers those questions and many others.

Simon has been teaching Tailwind to people for even longer than I have

Adam Wathan
Adam WathanCreator of @tailwindcss

Become a Tailwind pro-rider

Pro Tailwind is your guide to navigating advanced-level concepts and patterns.

It skips beginner topics and focuses on helping you tackle complexity in ambitious projects, as a solo dev or in a team environment.

Together, we will:

  • Build a comprehensive multi-theme strategy, combining the superpowers of CSS variables and the Tailwind Plugin API
  • Build multi-style Tailwind components by composing props-driven style concerns
  • Share and re-use those Tailwind components across multiple, unrelated projects

Warm-up gymnastics

Feel like doing a few stretches before jumping in the deep end?

Pro Tailwind got you covered with a series of fun-filled (and FREE) Tailwind CSS challenges based on this Calendar App prototype:

screenshot of booking UI app we will be building

Those will definitely tickle your creative thinking and spark some outside-the-box CSS thinking!

They're also a great way to get a feel for the quality and attention to detail you can expect from Pro Tailwind.

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Simon Vrachliotis

Hi, I'm Simon ❤️

You might know me from my popular videos on the official Tailwind Labs YouTube channel.

I've been an advocate for utility-first CSS since before Tailwind even existed. I truly love this approach to CSS, and still do to this day.

I will be your Pro Tailwind intstructor. I can't wait to share my genuine passion and excitement for Tailwind with you.

Driving Tailwind CSS adoption since day 1

I can confidently say I've had a significant impact on the adoption of the Tailwind CSS framework.

Looking at utility-first CSS tooling such as Tachyons and Tailwind CSS with fresh eyes and piqued interest after watching this brilliantly constructed talk by @simonswiss.Phil Hawksworth
Phil HawksworthDX at Netlify

A lot of web developers attribute their aha 💡 moment to hearing my conference talks, reading my articles or watching my screencasts.

I take a lot of pride in consistently bringing a fun, friendly and positive "vibe" to the Tailwind community. Throughout everything I do, to this day.

Entertaining & high-quality teaching materials

I made a name for myself in the industry for the high production quality and the entertainment factor of my eductaional materials.

I used to be a primary school teacher. I understand that effective learning comes through fun and engaging content, high production value and an enthusiastic delivery.

Pro Tailwind will not only teach you advanced concepts about Tailwind CSS. It will get you excited, energized and curious about what else you could build with Tailwind.

Let's have some fun!