Advanced Tailwind CSS Concepts & Patterns

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Simon Vrachliotis
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Simon Vrachliotis

You’ve been using Tailwind CSS for a while, and are already “sold” on the paradigm shift of using presentational classnames in your HTML.

You’ve mastered the basics of composing utility classes to style elements. You’re already very productive with Tailwind, but you want to take your skills to the next level.

As you dig deeper and use Tailwind on more ambitious projects, you start asking yourself some key questions:

  • How do I organise styles for reusable UI components with multiple style variants?
  • What’s the best way to support advanced theming in Tailwind, beyond dark mode?
  • Is there a recommended way to share Tailwind components across multiple, independent projects?

Pro Tailwind dives into advanced-level Tailwind CSS concepts and patterns. This course skips most of the beginner topics and focuses on helping you navigate the scenarios you’re likely to run into when working on ambitious projects, in a team environment.

Pro Tailwind is a series of modules presenting concrete challenges inspired from a real-world calendar and scheduling app:

screenshot of booking UI app we will be building

Together, we will:

  • Deconstruct some the most visually interesting parts of the UI, triggering those “think outside the box” muscles in the process.
  • Add support for multiple color themes, combining the superpowers of CSS variables and the Tailwind Plugin API.
  • Isolate and compose styling concerns to support multiple style variant combinations for a given UI component
  • Share and consume the same UI components across multiple, unrelated projects

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Simon Vrachliotis

👋 Hi, I'm Simon. I'm a hybrid designer, developer, video editor and content creator with an optimistic and enthusiastic approach to life! Rather than pretending to be a "10×" developer, I take pride in helping people around me get more productive ❤️

I will be your Pro Tailwind instructor. I'm excited, let's have some fun!