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Build a Flexible Ribbon Banner in Tailwind CSS

Simon Vrachliotis
Simon Vrachliotis
Build a Flexible Ribbon Banner in Tailwind CSS

Are you productive with Tailwind CSS but find your interfaces somewhat boring?

Do you shy away from building custom decorative elements that require a deep level of CSS knowledge?

If any of the above cases apply to you, check out this Pro Tailwind Tutorial!

What You'll Build

In this exercise-driven tutorial, you will build a corner ribbon banner from scratch—step by step. You won't use magic numbers. Instead, you'll have a scientific explanation to support your approach!


Corner ribbon banners are great attention-seeking decorative UI elements. They're especially useful in a pricing section or highlighting a new product on an e-commerce store.

This was an essential decorative component when building the Pro Tailwind Calendar App.

Calendar AppLoading

There are quite a few tricky technical bits to building those banners, though. But together, we’ll explore the creative complexities.

An Exercise-Driven Tutorial

This tutorial is split into several exercises. Each features a problem that encourages you to take an active, exploratory learning approach to find an exercise.

To solve the problem and implement the solution:

  1. Watch and read the exercise introduction. Each problem contains an embedded editor with a starting point.
  2. Implement the solution (there may be more than one solution!)
  3. Watch the solution and see how I approach solving the exercise. I’ll explain in-depth the technique, trade-off, and my thought process.

Ready to get started?

Let's jump in and have some fun!