Animated Background Stripes Effect 12 exercises

Final Match Utilities Implementation Challenge

To solidify your understanding of match utilities, which can be tricky to comprehend, let's do one more implementation.

We'll provide a range of values - sm, md, lg, and xl - and their corresponding pixel values.

If we take a look at the markup, we can see that the size sm, lg, and `xl

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0:00 Just to consolidate your understanding of matchUtilities, because it can be pretty hard to grasp sometimes, let's do another implementation to wrap this up. We're going to provide a series of values, small, medium, large, and xl. You have the pixel values here that you should pass.

0:14 If we look at the markup -- let me make that a bit smaller -- we have the size-sm, large, xl, and even an arbitrary value to try and test out. You can see the medium here does not have the size-md because we're going to set the default value to the medium value. This is your final challenge. Good luck.